Childhood Memories

Chance can send a man on a long journey of discovery. All my life, I have been accompanied by the wonders of the Argan Tree. As a child, I was already seeking its cool shade to protect myself from the burning Moroccan sun; I was playing marbles with its fruits and was swinging on its branches. Without my even being aware of it, the Argan Tree protected me, as it had protected my forefathers, since time immemorial.

It had been a mere tree just like any other, until I embarked on my long journey of discovery, when I had freshly arrived in Germany.

More precisely, it was in Hildesheim, where I completed my degree in Economics. The subject of my thesis was Control and success of development aid in Africa. So I came across the wonders of the Argan Tree, my childhood protector and playmate.

Since then, I discovered that the Argan Tree played a major role in my life and in that of the Amazigh people (Berber) as well. Not only does the Argan Tree keep the land fertile and protect it from desertification, but its fruits are a key ingredient in long term health and longevity.

Impressed by the rich components of Argan oil, I began to produce it in Morocco in order to trade it in Europe, hence giving back to the Argan Tree and the Amazigh people the value due to it.

In setting up of my trading company, as a Moroccan citizen from the Amazigh tribe and a defender of my cultural heritage, I want to help man and nature to be reconciled and to protect one another.

Reaching the end of my journey, I became the protector of the Argan tree, having been so long protected by it.