For a long time we have been searching for the right platform to present our products without losing the direct relationship our clients. We are communicative and have the time to make your dreams come true. It is our pleasure to give you advice and respond to your wishes.

All our products are made in Morocco. We have great respect for the skills of Moroccan artisans - the guarantors of the continuity of tradition in this country. Without their steadfastness and patience the centuries-old art tradition would have been lost. We are striving to provide a platform, on which we can help small artisan work shops. The pre-condition to receive our help, is that artisans are ready to organise small co-operatives where ancient labour processes are shared and kept alive.

Recently, Moroccan artisan products have been imitated and are produced in other countries. These fakes cannot replace the art and know-how of Moroccan artisans. We are aware of the fact that we are up against the tide of global economic thoughts and its trends.

We are against the globalisation which does not respect the copyright. We provide the original products and support its originality. We will not cut off the branch on which we are sitting.

The label of our products is Marrakesh - the city of art and artists. Nursing the art is at a cost, tangible or intangible. Our customers empower us to continue - they pay the appropriate price for the real art.

The Moroccan artisan is well-known for his creativity and imagination. "Made in Morocco" is a brand in itself. Travellers who have had the opportunity to visit Morocco will confirm this. We seek to encourage the Moroccan artisan to continue doing his vivid work, though it is not easy to do it alone without any co-operation and support. Numerous artisans live from hand to mouth, and are victims of globalisation. Seeing that Moroccan Arts & Crafts are not protected against product piracy - intellectual property rights have not been secured - market shares are lost to sweat shops in developing countries. Despite this trend, Moroccan artisans are proud to carry on the tradition of their ancestors as well as to pass it on the next generation. The Moroccan craftsmanship is the heritage of various cultures which have influenced this country for centuries.

I would like to thank, Andreas Klocker, an artist from Schondorf a. A., who gave me the opportunity to discuss about Moroccan.

The candles, here on sale, are handmade in Marrakesh and decorated with traditional, symbolic motifs. Let us, together, discover the secrets of Moroccan craftsmanship.

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