Arganine-Argan-Öl e.K.

Our company is situated in Landsberg am Lech. We import products from Morocco (called Maghreb al Aksa by the Arabs). Further, we give relevant information to private travellers, who wish to visit Morocco and discover the country; mainly, this country's exciting and exotic culture.

Our concern is to bring the oriental atmosphere into your home as well as to make your journey to Morocco unforgettable. Our products are more than suitable to turn your house or apartment into your personal Riad; a traditional Moroccan palace.

For your well-being we import cosmetics and commodities such as organic Argan oil, organic cactus pear seeds oil and lava clay (Rhasoul), producing high value products. Organic Argan oil: golden liquid of the Amazigh (Berber tribe).

You can trust our products and advice. With us you will experience the thousand and one Nights and dreams - the Arabian Nights come alive!

"Argan oil is not only a precious oil, it's part of the heritage of the Berber culture in Morocco"