Organic & Fair - Reflection

Firstly, I would like to thank the partners and customers who have accompanied the Arganine company since its foundation. Without their support Arganine would have been forced out of business; it is hard to convince those who know nothing but low quality. Arganine has remained true to its principles and deals only in high-quality organic argan oil.

Arganine concerns itself with the quality rather than the price. It gives customers a glimpse into the world of argan oil and its marketing. Frequently argan oil is associated with the culture of the Amazigh (Berber Moroccan, Chleuh) and with women´s cooperatives. Unfortunately, this is only partially justified.

With the intensification of research on argan oil and the increasing worldwide awareness of it, it has become normal to invent stories increase sales. Without necessarily knowing or wanting it, those in Morocco who do so are fuelling greed.

The foundations of the free market are being ground down under the wheels of greed. Speculators have entered the Arganmarkt, sometimes causing great price instability. Without storing argan nuts in large quantities, it is not possible for a stable price to be established. The ordinary people of Morocco can no longer afford argan oil. The women's co-operatives, with their limited resources, are no longer in a position to deliver to its loyal customers. The small co-operatives are gone.

For a long time Arganine has kept the prices of argan oil stable by means of a network in Morocco and through the support of our customers in Europe. We do not want argan oil to be subject to the Diktat of speculators. We want to avoid an "Arganoilprom" (in the nature of Gazprom) in order to preserve jobs in Morocco and to guarantee a long term supply of oil to the markets.

Arganine is taking up the battle against the parasites whose actions bring the Amazigh culture and its heritage into disrepute. We will not be silent because the first thing a man leans after his birth is to cry.